Camping guide information for 2018

The 15th Suwa Dojo camp was successfully completed. Thank you everyone.

 Next is the guide for the 16th Suwa Dojo camp.

 It will be held at Lake Yamanakako "Shisei-so" from June 2 (Sat) to 3 (Sun) 2018.

 The 16th Suwa Dojo camp will be held concurrently with the 35th anniversary celebration of the Aikido Igarashi Dojo. All members of Suwa Dojo want to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Igarashi Dojo together with everyone. Let’s learn wonderful technique of Igarashi-shihan.

 Also I'm asking the same teachers as last year. 

 Hideo Tanaka-shihan, studied as an inside disciple of Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba-sensei, opened the Tanaka Dojo in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture. He teach traditional and delicate techniques! 

 Saito Jinichi-Shihan from A & P Kamatori classroom in Chiba teach his rich experienced technic.

 Of course there are classes of Suwa Dojo-cho. 

 Please enjoy the characteristic teaching of each teacher.



SUWA Dojo Camp 2018 Schedule


1.     Date  :  Saturday 2 to3 June


      2.     Place  :  [Shiseiso] 1811 Hirano Yamanakako - Mura 

                            Minamitsuru - Gun Ymanashi - ken

                            TEL : 0555-65-8233  FAX : 0555-65-8433


      3.      Camp Fee  :  18,000JPY (includes one overnight, party with full dinner,

                                                                         Breakfast, instruction transportation)


      4.      Schedule  :  Saturday 2 June

                                    9:00          Hashimoto Station (by minibus)

                                  12:30         Camp Place  [Shiseiso], Lunch and meeting.

                       13:30~14:30         1st training

                       14:45~15:45         2nd training

                       16:00~17:00         3rd training

                       17:15~                  Bath / Ofuro in Building

                       18:30~                  Dinner and Party


                            Sunday 3 June

                                   7:00         Early morning walk…jog…Run!!!  Along lakeside.

                          7:30~8:00         Breakfast

                          8:30~9:30         4th training

                      10:00~11:00         5th training

                                     12:00         Farewell / Sayonara



      Each of the three instructors will be teaching in separate dojos in the same building.

        Please try to join a class by the instructor who you don’t usually have the opportunity to train with.

      (Max.30 people in each class.)



      1,000JPY for the hot spring, Benifuji- no-Yu and 2,500~3,000JPY for the beer restaurant are not included 

         in  the  camp-fee.  Please pay by yourself at the time.



      The transportation fee to camp is not included. There is a minibus available as follows :


           Hashinoto Station – Camp place Benifujinoyu -Beer restaurant Hashimoto   Station. If you want to take the bus, please add 6,000JPY to the cost of the camp fee.


          (6,000JPY, return trip price only.  We’re sorry but one-way trip price is not available.)






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